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Chest Tailored Welt Pockets

No Piping

Piping (add $5.00)

Sleeve Tailored Welt Pockets

Single Color

No Piping

Piping (add $5.00)


Contrasting Welt

No Piping

Piping (add $5.00)


Front Hip Tailored Welt Pockets

Single Color

 No Piping

Piping (add $5.00 per pocket)


Along bottom of welt

Along top of welt


Contrasting Welt
$13.00 per pocket

No Piping

Piping (add $5.00 per pocket)

-- Along bottom of welt Along top of welt


Double welt pockets

Curved Double Welt Pockets
(Smiley Pockets)
$20.00 per pocket

This pocket is only available with piping.

Chest Patch Pockets

Pointed Bottom

Flat Bottom With Mitered Corners

Sleeve Patch Pockets


With Center stitch


Front Hip Patch Pockets
$5.00 per pocket

Photo Not Available

Photo Not Available


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