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Embroidery Designs

If you do not have a logo but would like to create one, you can do so by combining one of our stock embroidery fonts with a stock design from the online embroidery catalog, Embroidery Island. Please keep in mind the dimension of the design, on what, and where it will be embroidered.

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Below are a few examples of stock designs that we currently have.














Pug Puppy
● $40.00
    Pug in Show Stance
● $50.00
Lime Botanical
● $30.00
Watermelon Botanical
● $30.00
● $30.00
Star Fruit Botanical
● $30.00
Apple Botanical
● $30.00
Peach Blossom Chain
Single Peach ● $15.00 Raspberry Botanical
● $30.00
Carrot Botanical
● $30.00
Turnip Botanical
● $30.00
Long Stemmed Tiger Lilies
● $20.00 ea.
Tiger Lily Bouquet
Single Tiger Lily
● $15.00
Easter Lilies
● $40.00
Gerbera Daisy Spray  
Stargazer Lilies
● $15.00
Cherokee Rose




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