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Direct to Garment Printing, DTG, Direct to Garment Printing Services, DTG


Direct to Garment Printing (DTG printing or digital garment printing) is the process of printing garments using inkjet printers to print an image directly onto a garment without the use of screens like with silk screening.

In order to print on garments, the printers need to be able to print larger volumes of ink, create white ink bases for dark garments and provide controlled color management to ensure high quality printing without blurring, fading, or transparency. This is done through the use of a software Raster Image Processor (RIP). Printers are driven from a computer through the use of this software which allows high resolution images to be printed onto the garment.

In comparison to screen printed garments, DTG printed garments can be just as durable and more eco-friendly. Screen printing also requires a lot of setup ie. creating screens for each color. The only thing DTG printing requires is for the image to be high resolution.





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