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White Chef Coat Style 100

Style: Chef Jacket BSW100

Subtotals for this style jacket in the following fabrics, with the options shown.

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Fabric: 100% cotton petti point pique ($125.00) 100% Cotton denim;
Prime... $130.00
Color: White
Pocket: Left Sleeve (LS) tailored welt pocket ($10.00) 100% Cotton Gabardine;
Prime... $140.00
Select... N/A
Piping: Blue Suede; collar & cuffs ($15.00)
Button: Blue Mussel (included) Petti Point Pique, Honeycomb Pique, Seersucker, Ripstop or Kente Cloth;
Select... N/A
Sleeves: Regular
Other: None 100% cotton Supima® gabardine, Birdseye Pique or Organic Cotton Twill;
Select... N/A
Subtotal: $150.00 
Extras: Blueberry wreaths, one on each cuff ($15.00 ea.) $30.00 total for embroidery. Embroidered Blueberry Wreaths...add $15.00 each.
Price as Shown: $180.00


Close up image of embroidered blueberry wreath. Shown on 100% cotton petti point pique.
Embroidered blueberry wreath, add $15.00 each