Chef's Aprons

Chef aprons are a square or rectangular piece of fabric that ties around the waist to cover the body from the waist down. They can be made in any of the fabrics we offer and any dimension ranging from 12 inches long to ankle length and anywhere in between.

These are perfect for grill masters who like to wear shorts and cook over an open or pit fire because the length protects the legs from the heat.

Chefs, cooks, and kitchen workers (who sometimes fold the top over to hide the ties, creating a neater look) prefer the rugged and heavier 10 oz., 100% cotton Bull Denim.

Chef aprons can be personalized with embroidery, appliqué, tackle twill or a combination of all three.


Chef's Apron
 White, 10 oz. 100% cotton Denim
35" W X 37" L...$20.00
35" W X 26" L...$15.00
30" W X 37" L...$15.00