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Although the words "fleece jackets" and "fleece pullovers" are used interchangeably, there is a difference between them: fleece jackets have a full zipper front where as fleece jackets with a half or ¾ zipper fronts are called fleece pullovers.


Fleece Jacket: Personalized, custom fleece Jacket embroidered with Keppel's Chimney Lining, Repair & Fireplace Restoration. True Royal, M980 Harriton 8 oz. Quarter-Zip Fleece Pullover.

Fleece jackets or the ability to design your own custom fleece jacket online is offered by many embroidery, promotional products and decorated apparel companies.

Crooked Brook is neither a decorated apparel nor a promotional products company; it is a label used by the atelier division of our art studio.

Our shop is a full-service apparel design, pattern making, sample making, and small lot production atelier. In addition, we offer fleece jackets that you can customize with embroidery or embroidered patches.


Cheap Fleece Jackets

Custom embroidered fleece jackets have always been a great way to build brand recognition or to promote your business, product, cause, institution, etc. However, to some people (since it is a give away), this means buying the cheapest fleece jacket they can find.

When you buy a cheap fleece jacket, that is exactly what you get… a cheap fleece jacket.

Cheap fleece jackets are dull, thin and pill after only a few washes.

It is better to spend a few more dollars on a fleece jacket that will be worn, instead of being relegated to the bottom dresser drawer.

Numerous decorated apparel companies and promotional products companies offer “Cheap Fleece Jackets".

If your only concern is price, contact them.

Custom fleece jacket prices are determined by the brand, style, fabric content, weight and quantity in addition to the complexity of the logo or design and method of customization.

If you are interested in high quality, embroidered fleece jackets :

Choose from the brands listed below.

(Prices listed are for the blank garment. Embroidery and other methods of decoration are an additional cost.)

Email the brand, style, color, size break down, gender and artwork for your logo to info@crookedbrook.com

We will get back to you with a quote.

Style# M980 Style# M990 Style# M990W Style# M990Y
M980 Harriton
8 oz. Quarter-Zip Fleece Pullover
M990 Harriton
Men's 8 oz. Full-Zip Fleece
M990W Harriton
Ladies' 8 oz. Full-Zip Fleece
M990Y Harriton
Youth 8 oz. Full-Zip Fleece
Style# 4528 Style# HY210 Style# D477 Style# D770
4528 Jerzees
9.5 oz. Super Sweats® 50/50 Quarter-Zip Pullover
HY210 Hyp
7 oz. Raleigh French Terry Track Jacket
D477 Devon & Jones
V-Neck Vest
D770 Devon & Jones
Wintercept™ Fleece Unisex Vest
Style# D775 Style# D780 Style# D780W Style# S1945
D775 Devon & Jones Unisex Wintercept™ Fleece Quarter-Zip Jacket
D780 Devon & Jones Men's Wintercept™ Fleece Full-Zip Jacket
D780W Devon & Jones Ladies’ Wintercept™ Fleece Full-Zip Jacket
S1945 Champion 8.8 oz. Performance Double Dry® Half-Zip Fleece
Style# DP945W Style# DP955W Style# 9994 Style# 9992
DP945W Devon & Jones
 Pink Plush Fleece Jacket
DP955W Devon & Jones
Pink Signature Quilted Vest
9994 PlayBack
10.5 oz. Quarter-Zip Mock Neck Pullover
9992 PlayBack
10.5 oz.Track Jacket with Ribbed Side Panel


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