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When most apparel companies say "Custom Yoga Pants" what they mean is that they offer yoga pants printed with your design, text or logo.

Our definition of "Custom Yoga Pants" is y
oga pants made from an individual pattern according to a customer’s measurements, style and fabric specifications.

Crooked Brook is a unit of the atelier division of an art studio that offers full service apparel design, pattern making, sample making, private-label small lot production, direct-to garment printing and embroidery. Since 1989, we’ve built a strong reputation of providing top-notch apparel designs, patterns, fit and production samples for many brand name catalogs and retailers, as well as wardrobe and costumes for movies, television and theater.

The International Organic-Sustainable Certification Group – SKAL, has approved of this fabric used to make our organic cotton yoga pants. This organization ensures that cotton from the seed to the finished rolls of fabric meets these recognized guidelines;

No herbicides or pesticides are used growing cotton for organic cotton yoga pants. Conventional cotton products use about one pound of chemicals to grow three pounds of cotton.

Hydrogen peroxide is used (instead of chlorine bleach) to whiten the fibers used for organic cotton yoga pants and they are dyed with low impact fiber reactive dyes, which are environmentally friendly compared with traditional dyestuffs such as heavy metal or sulfa dyes.

Textile mills where the fabric is woven do not use child or forced labor, and working conditions do not subject the employees to unhealthy, unsafe conditions or employ unreasonable mental or physical practices.

Organic cotton yoga pants wear well and are hypoallergenic. Many people suffering from skin conditions can comfortably wear yoga pants made from organic cotton.

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