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Shirts were an item of menís underwear until the twentieth century and in the eighteenth century, instead of underpants; men ďrelied on the long tails of shirts Ö to serve the function of drawers" (eeewwwww!).

Custom shirts are one of the best marketing tools available and embroidery is the most popular method of decoration for polo shirts, golf shirts and button front woven shirts. Logo embroidered shirts convey an image of professionalism and have always been a great way to build brand recognition or to promote a business, product, cause, or institution. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor events and many brands offer shirts in matching menís and womenís styles (also known as companion styles).

Although embroidery is the most popular method of decoration for woven shirts, it is not suitable for all logos or designs because more often than not, the artwork was designed for print. With print, letters can be much smaller and colors can be incorporated more fluidly than with embroidery.

In addition, embroidery cannot be used on shirts with fabric weighing less than 5.5 ounces, which eliminates the lightest weight shirts and those made in performance fabrics from your choices.

Therefore, for some logos or designs, printed shirts are a better option and a lower cost alternative to embroidered golf shirts.

Custom shirt prices are determined by the brand, quantity, style, size, complexity of the logo or design and method of customization.

Or you may choose from the brands here.

(Prices listed are for the blank garment. Embroidery and other methods of decoration are an additional cost.)

Email the brand, style, color, size break down, gender and artwork for your logo to

After we review your design or logo, will get back to you with which method of customization is best for you and a quote.

Shirt Terms

Self-Fabric Collar: A collar that is constructed from the same material as the body of the shirt.

Placket: The part of a shirt where it fastens together.

Raglan Sleeves: Sleeves set with a diagonal seam from the neck to the armpit.

Cuffs: The bottom of the shirt sleeve is called the cuff.

Side Vents: These are slits at the bottom of the side seams and are either taped along the hem or double-needled stitched. They are a fashion detail that aids the ease of movement and when taped on the outside of the shirt at the top of the vent, they help keep it tucked in.

Double Needle Stitched: Means that the seam or hem is stitched with a double row of needles resulting in two parallel rows of stitches. A double needle stitched hem or seam is stronger than a single, in addition to giving the shirt a more refined look.


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